Matthew Ronemous

Nexus 5

Google recently released the Nexus 5. I have been waiting for this device for a long time and was stoked when UPS delivered it to my door yesterday.

The device comes with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) installed. Because the device is unlocked all I had to do was transfer my SIM and start up the device. The play store automatically downloaded my apps after I entered my google account. Lastly I had to organize my application icons.

Here are some instant impressions after using the device for a day.

  • I love that saying "okay google" will start the voice recognition system. This makes the workflow for calling someone much more efficient.

  • The screen is very crisp and very similar to my old Samsung S4.

  • The back button is where it should be in my opinion. I hated that Samsung put the button on the right.

  • It is great that Google Hangouts now handles text and video chatting in one place.

  • I do not like the speakers or the speaker phone. I could not hear the speaker phone very well when I drove home today. The S4 seems to perform better in this regard. * Google has planted Google Now in the left dock of the home screen. Although it is convenient to left swipe to it. Sliding up from the home button also opens it. I would have rather kept my left dock open for more apps and just used up swipe to access Google Now.

  • One feature that is really useful for mobile development is the chrome remote debugger can be used from a WebView. This feature makes Phonegap debugging alot easier. I was able to debug a Phonegap app today with the full power of the Chrome developer tools. Definitely something I will include in my mobile development workflow.

Overall I love the device and think it is well worth the price.